A hands-on introduction on how Angular loads all the files of the application and reduces the size of an application

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Have you ever wondered

  • What happens to the code when the application is run in production(prod) mode?
  • What if the developer accidentally creates any component or any piece of code that is not used anywhere in the application?

So after reading this article one should be able to answer the above questions. Let’s dive into the topic.

Angular implicitly or explicitly does some optimizations for the application. …

A complete guide to understand what happens behind the scenes during compiling of the Angular application

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Let us first understand ways to compile an Angular application and then dive into types of compilation modes in Angular.

An angular application can be compiled by using the following two commands in Angular CLI.

  1. ng-serve
  2. ng-build


  1. Both do bundling of all the files present in the application. Bundling is the process of combining all the files to the single file. It is one of the optimization process done by Angular. In this process it produces…

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